Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mother and Mother Earth Will Love

Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mother and Mother Earth Will Love

From new mom to grand-mom, we’ve got a gift she’s sure to love. What better way to say thank you to mom than with a gift that celebrates Mother Earth, too? 

Beautiful and sustainable, your mom will love our stainless steel kitchenware, whether she’s a spa lover or an earth mother. Plus, we’ve included some gift pairings from other eco-friendly brands we love from fellow mom-run businesses! 

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate ALL the moms with this ultimate sustainable Mother’s Day gift guide.

Bath Mom | Dalcini Stainless Twist Top Trio

stainless steel containers with bath balms

Bring the spa to mom with the pristine look of these twist top containers filled to the brim with epsom salts, stashed with a bath bomb, or containing rich body butter from PureHeart Essentials and Satya

Healthy Mom | Dalcini Stainless 4-Layer Tiffin Carrier

Dalcini Stainless Steel 4 layer food container

Whether she works from home or the office, this healthy mom plans her meals in advance. The 4-layer tiffin carrier makes meal planning practical, easy, and stylish. She can use it to pack healthy meals and snacks to go each day, or use it as a great package-free takeout! Level up this gift with a gorgeous SoYoung Lunch Poche.

Taxi Mom | Dalcini Stainless Round Snack Trio

Dalcini Stainless Steel Round snack container set with mixed nuts

Always on the run between work, soccer practice, and endless errands, this mom eats on the go. Gift her a little luxury for her drive-thru meals with her own reusable straws, spork, and round snack trio to tote around her favorite snacks from Made With Local.

Travel Mom | Dalcini StainlessTravel Kit

Dalcini Stainless steel toiletries kit travel kit

Inspire your business or leisure traveling mom with this beautiful stainless steel travel kit where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. These little round snack containers are great for soaps and balms and also perfect for stashing trail mix or candies for in-flight pick-me-ups. Support her sustainable beauty rituals with a lip conditioner or an on-the-go glow up from Elate Cosmetics.

Book Club Mom | Dalcini StainlessTumblers 

Stainless steel cup straw and entertaining platter

This mom loves a good book almost as much as she loves to have the book club over for Pinterest-inspired nibbles. Pro-tip: store these tumblers ice cold in the freezer, perfect for serving refreshing drinks, from lemonade to frozen margaritas, or quickly cooling a room-temperature rosé. These Dalcini Stainless Sectioned Plates also make attractive indoor/outdoor serving platters.


This Mother’s Day, show mom you care about her and the planet with a gift that is toxic-free, responsibly made, and infinitely recyclable. Every Dalcini product comes with a lifetime guarantee, because like your love, your gift will last a lifetime—sappy, but true!

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